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Liapakis, C. Co Author Listing * 3D Modelling of the Acropolis of Athens Using Balloon Images and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Recording, Modeling, Visualisation and GIS Applications Development for the Acropolis of Athens

Liaperdos, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Ants: From History of Science to Future of Science

Liapi, G.D.[Georgia D.] Co Author Listing * Stroke Risk Stratification Using Transfer Learning on Carotid Ultrasound Images

Liapis, A.[Antonios] Co Author Listing * Arousal Video Game AnnotatIoN (AGAIN) Dataset, The
* Modelling Affect for Horror Soundscapes
* Pixels and Sounds of Emotion: General-Purpose Representations of Arousal in Games, The
Includes: Liapis, A.[Antonios] Liapis, A.

Liapis, S. Co Author Listing * Color and/or Texture Segmentation Using Deterministic Relaxation and Fast Marching Algorithms
* Colour and Texture Segmentation Using Wavelet Frame Analysis, Deterministic Relaxation, and Fast Marching Algorithms

Liappas, I.A.[Ioannis A.] Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of a multi-PNN structure for discriminating one-month abstinent heroin addicts from healthy controls using the P600 component of ERP signals

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