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Li Chee Ming, J. Co Author Listing * Augmenting VISP's 3d Model-based Tracker with RGB-D SLAM for 3D Pose Estimation in Indoor Environments
* Determination of UAS Trajectory in a Known Environment from FPV Video
* Feasibility study of using the RoboEarth cloud engine for rapid mapping and tracking with small unmanned aerial systems
* Feasibility Study on Using Visp's 3D Model-Based Tracker for UAV Pose Estimation in Outdoor Environments, A
* Fusion of optical and terrestrial laser scanner data
* Scene-Based Augmented Reality Framework for Exhibits, A
* Validation of Spaceborne Radar Surface Water Mapping with Optical sUAS Images
Includes: Li Chee Ming, J. Li-Chee-Ming, J. Li-Chee-Ming, J.[Julien]
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