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Leva, D. Co Author Listing * Generation of Digital Terrain Models With a Ground-Based SAR System
* Ground-Based Parasitic SAR Experiment, A
* Ground-Based SAR Interferometry for Terrain Mapping: Theory and Sensitivity Analysis
* Temporal analysis of a landslide by means of a ground-based SAR Interferometer

Leva, M.[Mariano] Co Author Listing * Visual Query Specification and Interaction with Industrial Engineering Data

Levachkine, S.[Serguei] Co Author Listing * Managing Resolution in Digital Elevation Models Using Image Processing Techniques
* Spatial Data Description by Means of Knowledge-Based System

Levada, A.L.M.[Alexandre L. M.] Co Author Listing * Curvature based Isometric Feature Mapping, A
* Deep Boltzmann Machine-Based Approach for Robust Image Denoising, A
* Denoising based on non local means for ultrasound images with simultaneous multiple noise distributions
* Exploring Information Theory and Gaussian Markov Random Fields for Color Texture Classification
* Improving Potts MRF model parameter estimation using higher-order neighborhood systems on stochastic image modeling
* Map-MRF Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction using Maximum Pseudo-Likelihood parameter estimation
* Markov Random Field Model for Combining Optimum-Path Forest Classifiers Using Decision Graphs and Game Strategy Approach, A
* novel MAP-MRF approach for multispectral image contextual classification using combination of suboptimal iterative algorithms, A
* novel pseudo-likelihood equation for Potts MRF model parameter estimation in image analysis, A
* On the asymptotic variances of Gaussian Markov Random Field model hyperparameters in stochastic image modeling
* On the Influence of Markovian Models for Contextual-Based Optimum-Path Forest Classification
* Optimizing Contextual-Based Optimum-Forest Classification through Swarm Intelligence
* Parametric PCA for unsupervised metric learning
Includes: Levada, A.L.M.[Alexandre L. M.] Levada, A.L.M.[Alexandre L.M.] Levada, A.L.M.
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Levai, J.P. Co Author Listing * Monitoring of polyethylene wear in nonmetal-backed acetubular cups by digitized anteroposterior pelvic radiography

Levallois, J.[Jeremy] Co Author Listing * Integral Based Curvature Estimators in Digital Geometry
* Interactive Curvature Tensor Visualization on Digital Surfaces
* Multigrid convergent principal curvature estimators in digital geometry
* Parameter-Free and Multigrid Convergent Digital Curvature Estimators
Includes: Levallois, J.[Jeremy] Levallois, J.[Jérémy]

Levanda, R. Co Author Listing * Synthetic aperture radio telescopes

Levander, O. Co Author Listing * Autonomous ships on the high seas

Levandovsky, E.[Enoch] Co Author Listing * Mapping Burn Extent of Large Wildland Fires from Satellite Imagery Using Machine Learning Trained from Localized Hyperspatial Imagery

Levanen, R.[Riikka] Co Author Listing * Automatic individual identification of Saimaa ringed seals
* Segmentation of Saimaa Ringed Seals for Identification Purposes
Includes: Levanen, R.[Riikka] Levänen, R.[Riikka] (Maybe also Levaenen, R.)

LeVangie, M. Co Author Listing * System for Acquisition and Modelling of Ice-Hockey Stick Shape Deformation from Player Shot Videos, A

Levant, B.[Boris] Co Author Listing * Automatic Defect Segmentation by Unsupervised Anomaly Learning

Levas, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * Dynamically Reconfigurable Vision-Based User Interfaces

Levas, T. Co Author Listing * Interacting with steerable projected displays

Levashova, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Application of a Three-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Model to Retrieve the Species Composition of a Mixed Forest Stand from Canopy Reflected Radiation

Levavasseur, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * Potential of Sentinel-2 Satellite Images for Monitoring Green Waste Compost and Manure Amendments in Temperate Cropland

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