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Leni, P.E.[Pierre Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Kolmogorov Superposition Theorem and Wavelet Decomposition for Image Compression
* Kolmogorov superposition theorem for image compression
Includes: Leni, P.E.[Pierre Emmanuel] Leni, P.E.[Pierre-Emmanuel]

Lenihan, M. Co Author Listing * Image georegistration methods: A framework for application guidelines

Lenihan, S. Co Author Listing * Initial Design Framework for Virtual Historic Dublin, An
* Review of 3D GIS for Use in Creating Virtual Historic Dublin, A

Lenington, S. Co Author Listing * Novel EIS postprocessing algorithm for breast cancer diagnosis

Leninisha, S.[Shanmugam] Co Author Listing * Junction-aware water flow approach for urban road network extraction
* Water flow based geometric active deformable model for road network

Lenis, D. Co Author Listing * Deep Sequential Segmentation of Organs in Volumetric Medical Scans
* Fully Convolutional Architectures for Multiclass Segmentation in Chest Radiographs
* Multi-Task Fusion for Improving Mammography Screening Data Classification
* On the Importance of Domain Awareness in Classifier Interpretations in Medical Imaging
Includes: Lenis, D. Lenis, D.[Dimitrios]

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