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Lefkimmiatis, S.[Stamatios] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Inference on Multiscale Models for Poisson Intensity Estimation: Applications to Photon-Limited Image Denoising
* Convex Generalizations of Total Variation Based on the Structure Tensor with Applications to Inverse Problems
* Cross-Validatory Statistical Approach to Scale Selection for Image Denoising by Nonlinear Diffusion, A
* Deep Image Demosaicking Using a Cascade of Convolutional Residual Denoising Networks
* Hessian Schatten-Norm Regularization for Linear Inverse Problems
* Hessian-Based Norm Regularization for Image Restoration With Biomedical Applications
* High-performance 3D deconvolution of fluorescence micrographs
* Image Denoising in Nonlinear Scale-Spaces: Automatic Scale Selection via Cross-Validation
* Improved Computational Efficiency of Locally Low Rank MRI Reconstruction Using Iterative Random Patch Adjustments
* Improved Variational Denoising of Flow Fields with Application to Phase-Contrast MRI Data
* Iterative Joint Image Demosaicking and Denoising Using a Residual Denoising Network
* Iterative Residual CNNs for Burst Photography Applications
* Microscopy Image Restoration with Deep Wiener-Kolmogorov Filters
* Non-local Color Image Denoising with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Photon-limited image denoising by inference on multiscale models
* Poisson Image Reconstruction With Hessian Schatten-Norm Regularization
* Poisson-Haar Transform: A nonlinear multiscale representation for photon-limited image denoising
* projected gradient algorithm for image restoration under Hessian matrix-norm regularization, A
* second-order extension of TV regularization for image deblurring, A
* Structure Tensor Total Variation
* Universal Denoising Networks: A Novel CNN Architecture for Image Denoising
Includes: Lefkimmiatis, S.[Stamatios] Lefkimmiatis, S. Lefkimmiatis, S.[Stamatis]
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Lefkovits, L.[Laszlo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation in Multispectral MRI Volumes Using a Random Forest Approach
Includes: Lefkovits, L.[Laszlo] Lefkovits, L.[László]

Lefkovits, S.[Szidonia] Co Author Listing * Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation in Multispectral MRI Volumes Using a Random Forest Approach
* Biometric System Based on Registration of Dorsal Hand Vein Configurations
Includes: Lefkovits, S.[Szidonia] Lefkovits, S.[Szidónia]

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