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Leavens, G.T. Co Author Listing * Information Hiding in RGB Images Using an Improved Matrix Pattern Approach

Leavenworth, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Augmenting Heteronanostructure Visualization with Haptic Feedback

Leaver, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography

Leavers, V.F. Co Author Listing * Active intelligent vision using the dynamic generalized Hough Transform
* Analysis of Wear Particles Using the Radon Transform
* Automatic Detection of Targets Against Cluttered Backgrounds Using a Fractal-Oriented Statistical Analysis and Radon Transform
* dynamic generalized Hough transform, The
* Dynamic Generalized Hough Transform: Its Relationship to the Probabilistic Hough Transforms and an Application to the Concurrent Detection of Circles and Ellipses, The
* Preattentive Computer Vision: Towards a 2-Stage Computer Vision System for the Extraction of Qualitative Descriptors and the Cues for Focus of Attention
* Radon Transform and Its Application to Shape Parameterization in Machine Vision, The
* Statistical Properties of the Hybrid Radon-Fourier Technique
* Survey: Which Hough Transform?
* Use of the Radon Transform As a Method of Extracting Information About Shape in Two Dimensions
* Use of the Two-Dimensional Radon Transform to Generate a Taxonomy of Shape for the Characterization of Abrasive Powder Particles
Includes: Leavers, V.F. Leavers, V.F.[Violet F.]
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Leavesley, S.J. Co Author Listing * State of the Art in Information Extraction and Quantitative Analysis for Multimodality Biomolecular Imaging

Leavitt, N. Co Author Listing * Two technologies vie for recognition in speech market

Leavline, E.J.[Epiphany Jebamalar] Co Author Listing * Fast multiscale directional filter bank-based speckle mitigation in gallstone ultrasound images

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