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Lauwereins, R.[Rudy] Co Author Listing * Constant Time Joint Bilateral Filtering Using Joint Integral Histograms
* Derivative-Based Scale Invariant Image Feature Detector With Error Resilience
* Joint integral histograms and its application in stereo matching
* Real-time accurate stereo with bitwise fast voting on CUDA
* Real-Time and Accurate Stereo: A Scalable Approach With Bitwise Fast Voting on CUDA
* Robust Low Complexity Corner Detector
* Robust low complexity feature tracking
* Robust stereo matching with fast Normalized Cross-Correlation over shape-adaptive regions
* SIFER: Scale-Invariant Feature Detector with Error Resilience
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Lauwers, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Measuring Delays for Bicycles at Signalized Intersections Using Smartphone GPS Tracking Data

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