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Latva Aho, M. Co Author Listing * Decentralized Coordinated Downlink Beamforming via Primal Decomposition
* Decentralized Robust Beamforming for Coordinated Multi-Cell MISO Networks
* Exploiting the Direct Link in Full-Duplex Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Networks
* Interior-Point Method for Modified Total Variation Exploiting Transform-Domain Sparsity, An
* On the Performance of Secure Full-Duplex Relaying under Composite Fading Channels
* On the Secrecy of Interference-Limited Networks under Composite Fading Channels
Includes: Latva Aho, M. Latva-Aho, M. Latva-aho, M.

Latva Kayra, P.[Petri] Co Author Listing * Combining Camera Relascope-Measured Field Plots and Multi-Seasonal Landsat 8 Imagery for Enhancing the Forest Inventory of Boreal Forests in Central Russia
* LiDAR-Assisted Multi-Source Program (LAMP) for Measuring Above Ground Biomass and Forest Carbon
Includes: Latva Kayra, P.[Petri] Latva-Käyrä, P.[Petri] (Maybe also Latva-Kaeyrae, P.)

Latvala, P. Co Author Listing * Producing and Visualizing a Country-wide 3d Data Repository in Finland
* Providing Geographic Datasets as Linked Data in SDI
* WebGL Visualisation of 3D Environmental Models Based on Finnish Open Geospatial Data Sets

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