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La, A.T.[Anh T.] Co Author Listing * Compact Thermal Imager (CTI) for Atmospheric Remote Sensing

La, B.D.[Byeong Du] Co Author Listing * Fast Mode Decision for Intra Prediction in H.264/AVC Encoder
Includes: La, B.D.[Byeong Du] La, B.D.[Byeong-Du]

La, C.[Chinh] Co Author Listing * Tree-Based Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Algorithm for Signal Reconstruction

La, H.M.[Hung Manh] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Flocking Control of Multiple Unmanned Ground Vehicles by Using a UAV
* Automated Rebar Detection for Ground-Penetrating Radar
* Comprehensive Review of Smart Wheelchairs: Past, Present, and Future, A
* Cooperative and Active Sensing in Mobile Sensor Networks for Scalar Field Mapping
* Development of a Small-Scale Research Platform for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Distributed Control Framework of Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Dynamic Wildfire Tracking, A
* Distributed Sensor Fusion for Scalar Field Mapping Using Mobile Sensor Networks
* Dynamic Target Tracking and Obstacle Avoidance using a Drone
* Formation Control of Multiple Rectangular Agents with Limited Communication Ranges
* Novel Potential Field Controller for Use on Aerial Robots, A
* Real-Time Human Foot Motion Localization Algorithm With Dynamic Speed
Includes: La, H.M.[Hung Manh] La, H.M. La, H.M.[Hung M.]
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La, L.L. Co Author Listing * On stability of group fuzzy classification algorithms

La, T.V. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Wind Speed Estimation From C-Band Sentinel-1 Images Using Empirical and Electromagnetic Models

La, W.W.[Wai Wan] Co Author Listing * V2S: Voice to Sign Language Translation System for Malaysian Deaf People

La, Y.[Yune] Co Author Listing * Combination of Sentinel-2 and PALSAR-2 for Local Climate Zone Classification: A Case Study of Nanchang, China
* Spatial-Temporal and Driving Factors of Land Use/Cover Change in Mongolia from 1990 to 2021

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