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Kuzu, R.S.[Ridvan Salih] Co Author Listing * Chat biometrics
* On the Cross-Finger Similarity of Vein Patterns
* Predicting Soil Properties from Hyperspectral Satellite Images
* Vein-Based Biometric Verification Using Densely-Connected Convolutional Autoencoder
Includes: Kuzu, R.S.[Ridvan Salih] Kuzu, R.S.

Kuzub, J.[Jeremy] Co Author Listing * Improved Pressure Sensitive Paint Measurement Using Natural Feature Tracking and Piecewise Linear Resection

Kuzui, R.[Ryo] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Based on Recursive Bayesian Fusion of Multiple Signals and Results from Expert Classifier Sets

Kuzunuki, S.[Soshiro] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for on-line recognizing handwritten patterns

Kuzuoglu, M. Co Author Listing * Novel Two-Way Finite-Element Parabolic Equation Groundwave Propagation Tool: Tests With Canonical Structures and Calibration, A

Kuzuoka, H.[Hideaki] Co Author Listing * Online Continuous Scale Estimation of Hand Gestures

Kuzuoka, S.[Shigeki] Co Author Listing * Newly Built Construction Detection in SAR Images Using Deep Learning

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