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Kryjak, T.[Tomasz] Co Author Listing * Embedded Vision System for Automated Drone Landing Site Detection
* FPGA based system for real-time structure from motion computation
* FPGA Implementation of the Flux Tensor Moving Object Detection Method
* FPGA-based Hardware-in-the-Loop environment using video injection concept for camera-based systems in automotive applications
* Implementation of Advanced Foreground Segmentation Algorithms GMM, ViBE and PBAS in FPGA and GPU: A Comparison
* Optimisation of a Siamese Neural Network for Real-time Energy Efficient Object Tracking
* Real-time background generation and foreground object segmentation for high-definition colour video stream in FPGA device
* Real-time hardware-software embedded vision system for ITS smart camera implemented in Zynq SoC
* Real-Time Implementation of Background Modelling Algorithms in FPGA Devices
* Vision Based Hardware-Software Real-time Control System for the Autonomous Landing of an UAV, A
Includes: Kryjak, T.[Tomasz] Kryjak, T.
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