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Krell, G. Co Author Listing * Additive Fuzzy Enhancement and an Associative Memory for Feature Tracking in Radiation Therapy Images
* Artificial neural networks for image improvement
* Detection of presynaptic terminals on dendritic spines in double labeling confocal images
* Knowledge-based enhancement of megavoltage images in radiation therapy using a hybrid neuro-fuzzy system
* Photogrammetric measurement of patients in radiotherapy
* Three-dimensional quasi-binary image restoration for confocal microscopy and its application to dendritic trees
Includes: Krell, G. Krell, G.[Gerald]

Krell, M.M.[Mario Michael] Co Author Listing * Balanced Relative Margin Machine: The missing piece between FDA and SVM classification
* New one-class classifiers based on the origin separation approach

Krellenberg, K.[Kerstin] Co Author Listing * How to Contextualize SDG 11? Looking at Indicators for Sustainable Urban Development in Germany

Kreller, M.[Melissa] Co Author Listing * User Validation of VIIRS Satellite Imagery

Krellmann, Y.[Yvonne] Co Author Listing * Tomographic airborne ground penetrating radar imaging: Achievable spatial resolution and on-field assessment

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