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Kranauskas, J.[Justas] Co Author Listing * Iris Matching by Local Extremum Points of Multiscale Taylor Expansion
* Iris recognition by fusing different representations of multi-scale Taylor expansion
* Iris recognition by local extremum points of multiscale Taylor expansion

Krane, K.H. Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network Architecture for Sentinel-1 and AMSR2 Data Fusion, A

Kranenburg, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Edge Detector Evaluation Using Empirical ROC Curves
* ROC curve evaluation of edge detector performance
Includes: Kranenburg, C.[Christine] Kranenburg, C.

Kranenburg, C.J.[Christine J.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Maps of Reef-Scale Bathymetry with Synchronized Underwater Cameras and GNSS
* Developing bare-earth digital elevation models from structure-from-motion data on barrier islands

Kranenburg, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Sensitivity of the OMI-NO2 Product to Emission Changes across Europe

Kranjc, B.S.[Branka Stirn] Co Author Listing * Chromatic visual evoked potential responses in preschool children
* Chromatic visual evoked potentials in young patients with demyelinating disease

Kranjc, M. Co Author Listing * Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography for Monitoring Electric Field Distribution During Tissue Electroporation

Kranjcic, N. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Solar Energy Potential By Remote Sensing Techniques In Varaédinska County, Croatia
* Analyzing Air Pollutant Reduction Possibilities in the City of Zagreb
* Forest Fire Hazards Vulnerability and Risk Assessment in Sirmaur District Forest of Himachal Pradesh (India): A Geospatial Approach
* Machine Learning Methods for Classification of the Green Infrastructure in City Areas
* Support Vector Machine Accuracy Assessment for Extracting Green Urban Areas in Towns
Includes: Kranjcic, N. Kranjcic, N.[Nikola]

Krankl, S.[Susanne] Co Author Listing * Exploring presentation attack vulnerability and usability of face recognition systems
Includes: Krankl, S.[Susanne] Kršnkl, S.[Susanne] (Maybe also Kraenkl, S.)

Krankowski, A.[Andrzej] Co Author Listing * Climatology Characteristics of Ionospheric Irregularities Described with GNSS ROTI
* Towards Cooperative Global Mapping of the Ionosphere: Fusion Feasibility for IGS and IRI with Global Climate VTEC Maps
* Type III Radio Bursts Observations on 20th August 2017 and 9th September 2017 with LOFAR Baldy Telescope

Kranstauber, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Spatial Distribution of Bird Movements Estimated from a Weather Radar Network

Kranstedt, A.[Alfred] Co Author Listing * Deixis in Multimodal Human Computer Interaction: An Interdisciplinary Approach
* Deixis: How to Determine Demonstrated Objects Using a Pointing Cone

Krantz, J.[Jacob] Co Author Listing * Beyond the Nav-Graph: Vision-and-Language Navigation in Continuous Environments
* Iterative Vision-and-Language Navigation
* Navigating to Objects Specified by Images
* Sim-2-Sim Transfer for Vision-and-Language Navigation in Continuous Environments
* Waypoint Models for Instruction-guided Navigation in Continuous Environments

Kranz, O.[Olaf] Co Author Listing * Earth observation based multi-scale assessment of logging activities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
* Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis Using Optical Satellite Imagery and GIS Data for the Detection of Mining Sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
* Monitoring Natural Resources in Conflict Using an Object-Based Multiscale Image Analysis Approach
* Object-based image analysis for the assessment of mineral extraction in conflict regions: a case study in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
* Remote Sensing Based Population Maps for Crisis Response
Includes: Kranz, O.[Olaf] Kranz, O.

Kranz, P.G. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging Derived Carotid Plaque Stiffness With Spatially Registered MRI Determined Composition

Kranz, S.[Spencer] Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Non-contact Detection of Food Level in Bottles from RGB Images

Kranzfelder, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Parsing human skeletons in an operating room

Kranzler, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Beyond BjÝntegaard: Limits of Video Compression Performance Comparisons
* Decoding Energy Modeling For Versatile Video Coding
* DENESTO: A Tool for Video Decoding Energy Estimation and Visualization
* Energy Efficient Video Decoding for VVC Using a Greedy Strategy-Based Design Space Exploration
* Optimized Decoding-Energy-Aware Encoding In Practical VVC Implementations
Includes: Kranzler, M.[Matthias] Kršnzler, M.[Matthias] (Maybe also Kraenzler, M.)Kršnzler, M. (Maybe also Kraenzler, M.)

Kranzlmueller, D.[Dieter] Co Author Listing * Synergistic Use of a High-Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Model and High-Resolution Earth Observation Products to Improve Precipitation Forecast, A

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