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Kpalma, K.[Kidiyo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Registration for Applications in Remote Sensing, An
* Coastline Detection Using Fusion of Over Segmentation And Distance Regularization Level Set Evolution
* Compressed Sensing Performance of Random Bernoulli Matrices with High Compression Ratio
* Contours Smoothing for Non-Occluded Planar Shapes Description
* IHS-Based Fusion for Color Distortion Reduction and Vegetation Enhancement in IKONOS Imagery, An
* Intra-Modal Constraint Loss for Image-Text Retrieval
* method for change detection with multi-temporal satellite images based on Principal Component Analysis, A
* Micro-expression recognition from local facial regions
* Motion descriptors for micro-expression recognition
* Multiscale contour description for pattern recognition
* Novel Multi-scale Representation for 2-D Shapes, A
* Online Glocal Transfer for Automatic Figure-Ground Segmentation
* Overview of deep-learning based methods for salient object detection in videos
* Parallel algorithm implementation for multi-object tracking and surveillance
* Planar Shapes Descriptors Based on the Turning Angle Scalogram
* Region-based Image Retrieval Using Shape-Adaptive DCT
* Saliency-based multi-feature modeling for semantic image retrieval
* Salient video object detection using a virtual border and guided filter
* Segmentation Driven Low-rank Matrix Recovery for Saliency Detection
* Semantic image segmentation using region bank
* Semantic segmentation via sparse coding over hierarchical regions
* Semantics-guided Warping for Semi-supervised Video Object Instance Segmentation, A
* Shoreline Detection using Optical Remote Sensing: A Review
* Survey on fast dense video segmentation techniques
* Texture features based on Fourier transform and Gabor filters: an empirical comparison
* Unsupervised Joint Salient Region Detection and Object Segmentation
* Video-Based Facial Micro-Expression Analysis: A Survey of Datasets, Features and Algorithms
Includes: Kpalma, K.[Kidiyo] Kpalma, K.
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