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Koda, S.[Satoru] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sparse Bayesian Regression with Variational Inference for Parameter Estimation
* Spatial and Structured SVM for Multilabel Image Classification
Includes: Koda, S.[Satoru] Koda, S.

Kodabagi, M.M. Co Author Listing * Light Weight Text Extraction Technique for Hand-Held Device, A
* Robust Segmentation Technique for Line, Word and Character Extraction from Kannada Text in Low Resolution Display Board Images, A

Kodagoda, K.R.S. Co Author Listing * Modeling Errors in Small Baseline Stereo for SLAM
* Sensor Registration and Calibration using Moving Targets

Kodagoda, S. Co Author Listing * Application of CRF and SVM based semi-supervised learning for semantic labeling of environments
* Electromyogram (EMG) feature reduction using Mutual Components Analysis for multifunction prosthetic fingers control
* Spatial Sensor Selection via Gaussian Markov Random Fields
* Towards speed-independent road-type classification
* Two-Stage Road Terrain Identification Approach for Land Vehicles Using Feature-Based and Markov Random Field Algorithm
Includes: Kodagoda, S. Kodagoda, S.[Sarath]

Kodaira, N.[Naoaki] Co Author Listing * Binarization Algorithm Based on Shade-Planes for Road Marking Recognition, A

Kodama, K.[Kazuya] Co Author Listing * Cauchy Aperture and Perfect Reconstruction Filters for Extending Depth-of-Field from Focal Stack
* Construction of large-scale virtual environment by fusing range data,texture images, and airborne altimetry data
* Deconvolution Method for View Interpolation Using Multiple Images of Circular Camera Array
* Efficient Reconstruction of All-in-Focus Images Through Shifted Pinholes From Multi-Focus Images for Dense Light Field Synthesis and Rendering
* Fast multiple-view denoising based on image reconstruction by plane sweeping
* Filter Bank for Perfect Reconstruction of Light Field from Its Focal Stack
* Free Iris Scene Re-Focusing Based on a Three-Dimensional Filtering of Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Generation of Arbitrarily Focused Images by Using Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Image Content Manipulation by Fusing Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Image-Based Refocusing by 3D Filtering
* Implicit 3D Approach to Image Generation: Object-Based Visual Effects by Linear Processing of Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Iterative Reconstruction of an All-Focused Image by Using Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Linear view/image restoration for dense light fields
* Method and apparatus for processing 3-D multiple view images formed of a group of images obtained by viewing a 3-D object from a plurality of positions
* Multi-View Imaging System Using Paraboloidal Mirror Arrays for Efficient Acquisition of Dynamic Light Fields
* novel scheme for 4-D Light-Field compression based on 3-D representation by multi-focus images, A
* Producing Object-Based Special Effects by Fusing Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Producing object-based special visual effects by integrating multiple differently focused images: Implicit 3D Approach to Image Content Manipulation
* Real-time 3-D image reconstruction from multi-focus images by efficient linear filtering with multi-dimensional symmetry
* Reducing Motion Blur Artifact of Foveal Projection for a Dynamic Focus-Plus-Context Display
* Registration and Blur Estimation Methods for Multiple Differently Focused Images
* Robust extension of light fields with probable 3D distribution based on iterative scene estimation from multi-focus images
* Robust reconstruction of arbitrarily deformed Bokeh from ordinary multiple differently focused images
* Scene flow estimation through 3D analysis of multi-focus images
* study on efficient compression of multi-focus images for dense Light-Field reconstruction, A
* study on high-quality free viewpoint image reconstruction systems using multi-focus images by FPGA-based signal processing, A
* Study On Light Field Denoising For 3d Consistent Visualization, A
* Three dimensional modeling of large-scale real environment by fusing range data, texture images, and airborne altimetry data
* Unrolling Graph Total Variation for Light Field Image Denoising
* View interpolation using epipolar plane images
Includes: Kodama, K.[Kazuya] Kodama, K.
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Kodama, M. Co Author Listing * cached video content management method with priority estimation according to the content property in VCDS-MQ with scalable data, A
* Pattern position detecting apparatus
* video searching system and its matching methods using MSP exchanging data, A
Includes: Kodama, M. Kodama, M.[Masahiro] Kodama, M.[Mei]

Kodama, R.[Ryosuke] Co Author Listing * ICA-Domain Shrinkage Based Poisson-Noise Reduction Algorithm and Its Application to Penumbral Imaging, An

Kodama, S. Co Author Listing * Calibration of NIR 2 of Spectral Profiler Onboard Kaguya/SELENE
* Empirical Framework to Control Human Attention by Robot, An
* Oxygen Saturation Estimation Based on Optimal Band Selection from Multi-band Video
Includes: Kodama, S. Kodama, S.[Sachiko] Kodama, S.[Shuhei]

Kodama, T.[Tomoya] Co Author Listing * highly parallelized H.265/HEVC real-time UHD software encoder, A

Kodama, Y.[Yuto] Co Author Listing * Open-set Recognition with Supervised Contrastive Learning
* Similarity Measure Between Patterns with Nonindependent Attributes, A
Includes: Kodama, Y.[Yuto] Kodama, Y.

Kodani, E.[Eiji] Co Author Listing * Stand Volume Estimation Using the k-NN Technique Combined with Forest Inventory Data, Satellite Image Data and Additional Feature Variables

Kodate, A. Co Author Listing * Camera Working Parameter Extraction for Constructing Video Considering Camera Shake

Kodavalla, V.K.[Vijay Kumar] Co Author Listing * Distributed Video Coding: Feedback-free Architecture and Implementation

Kodaxakis, S.G. Co Author Listing * Automatic Commercial Aircraft-Collision Avoidance in Free Flight: The Three-Dimensional Problem

Kodaz, H.[Halife] Co Author Listing * Outdoor Image Classification Using Artificial Immune Recognition System (AIRS) with Performance Evaluation by Fuzzy Resource Allocation Mechanism

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