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Kechadi, M.T. Co Author Listing * HMM-SNN Method for Online Handwriting Symbol Recognition, An
* VeSoNet: Traffic-Aware Content Caching for Vehicular Social Networks Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Kechadi, M.T. Kechadi, M.T.[Mohand Tahar]

Kechadi, T. Co Author Listing * Mathpad: A Fuzzy Logic-Based Recognition System for Handwritten Mathematics
* Real-Time Recognition System for Handwritten Mathematics: Backtracking and Relationship Discovery, A
* Real-Time Recognition System for Handwritten Mathematics: Structural Development, A
Includes: Kechadi, T. Kechadi, T.[Tahar]

Kechagias Stamatis, O. Co Author Listing * New Passive 3-D Automatic Target Recognition Architecture for Aerial Platforms, A
* Performance evaluation of single and cross-dimensional feature detection and description
Includes: Kechagias Stamatis, O. Kechagias-Stamatis, O. Kechagias-Stamatis, O.[Odysseas]

Kechagias, L. Co Author Listing * Binary morphological shape-based interpolation applied to 3-D tooth reconstruction
* Shape-Based Interpolation Using Morphological Morphing
* Virtual Drilling in 3-D Objects Reconstructed by Shape-Based Interpolation
Includes: Kechagias, L. Kechagias, L.[Lefteris]

Kechaou, A.[Amine] Co Author Listing * Detective: An Attentive Recurrent Model for Sparse Object Detection

Kechasov, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning in Hyperspectral Image Reconstruction from Single RGB images: A Case Study on Tomato Quality Parameters

Kecheril, S.S.[S. Sajith] Co Author Listing * Automated lung cancer detection by the analysis of glandular cells in sputum cytology images using scale space features

Kechichian, R.[Razmig] Co Author Listing * Automatic 3D Multiorgan Segmentation via Clustering and Graph Cut Using Spatial Relations and Hierarchically-Registered Atlases
* Automatic Multiorgan Segmentation via Multiscale Registration and Graph Cut
* Cloud-Based Evaluation of Anatomical Structure Segmentation and Landmark Detection Algorithms: VISCERAL Anatomy Benchmarks
* Cycle GAN-Based Data Augmentation For Multi-Organ Detection In CT Images Via Yolo
* Data augmentation for multi-organ detection in medical images
* Efficient multi-object segmentation of 3D medical images using clustering and graph cuts
* Image denoising using contextual modeling of curvelet coefficients
* New data model for graph-cut segmentation: Application to automatic melanoma delineation
* Positioning of anatomical landmarks in orthopedics by MESH registration
* Shortest-Path Constraints for 3D Multiobject Semiautomatic Segmentation Via Clustering and Graph Cut
Includes: Kechichian, R.[Razmig] Kéchichian, R.[Razmig] Kechichian, R.
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Kechribaris, C.N.[Costas N.] Co Author Listing * Investigating the enhancement of three-dimensional diffraction tomography by using multiple illumination planes

Kechriniotis, A. Co Author Listing * New Formula for Bivariate Hermite Interpolation on Variable Step Grids and Its Application to Image Interpolation, A

Kechriniotis, A.I. Co Author Listing * Towards the Mathematic Formalization of Parametric Generalized Cylinders and Initial Results in Modeling 3D Image Data

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