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Kafle, K.[Kushal] Co Author Listing * AESOP: Abstract Encoding of Stories, Objects, and Pictures
* Analysis of Visual Question Answering Algorithms, An
* Answer Them All! Toward Universal Visual Question Answering Models
* Answer-Type Prediction for Visual Question Answering
* Answering Questions about Data Visualizations using Efficient Bimodal Fusion
* DVQA: Understanding Data Visualizations via Question Answering
* Improving Closed and Open-Vocabulary Attribute Prediction Using Transformers
* Investigation of Critical Issues in Bias Mitigation Techniques, An
* Learning to Predict Visual Attributes in the Wild
* OccamNets: Mitigating Dataset Bias by Favoring Simpler Hypotheses
* Remind Your Neural Network to Prevent Catastrophic Forgetting
* Visual question answering: Datasets, algorithms, and future challenges
Includes: Kafle, K.[Kushal] Kafle, K.
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