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Joskowicz, L. Co Author Listing * Automatic Change Detection in Sparse Repeat CT Scanning
* Contour Dice Loss for Structures with Fuzzy and Complex Boundaries in Fetal MRI
* Fiducial Optimization for Minimal Target Registration Error in Image-Guided Neurosurgery
* Gradient-based 2-D/3-D rigid registration of fluoroscopic X-ray to CT
* Long Bone Panoramas From Fluoroscopic X-Ray Images
* Precise Robot-Assisted Guide Positioning for Distal Locking of Intramedullary Nails
* Radon Space Dose Optimization in Repeat CT Scanning
* Reduced-Dose Imageless Needle and Patient Tracking in Interventional CT Procedures
* Rule-Based Ventral Cavity Multi-organ Automatic Segmentation in CT Scans
* Sparse 3D Radon Space Rigid Registration of CT Scans: Method and Validation Study
* Two-Stage Structure-Focused Contrastive Learning for Automatic Identification and Localization of Complex Pelvic Fractures
Includes: Joskowicz, L. Joskowicz, L.[Leo]
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