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Jonic, S.[Slavica] Co Author Listing * Elastic image registration to fully explore macromolecular dynamics by electron microscopy
* Point Similarity Measures Based on MRF Modeling of Difference Images for Spline-Based 2D-3D Rigid Registration of X-Ray Fluoroscopy to CT Images
* Poisson image denoising by piecewise principal component analysis and its application in single-particle X-ray diffraction imaging

Jonietz, C. Co Author Listing * Towards mobile and touchless fingerprint verification

Jonietz, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Influence of Spatio-Temporal Context for Next Place Prediction using Different Machine Learning Approaches
* Defining Fitness-for-Use for Crowdsourced Points of Interest (POI)
* Highlighting Current Trends in Volunteered Geographic Information

Jonikavicius, D.[Donatas] Co Author Listing * Ultra-Light Aircraft-Based Hyperspectral and Colour-Infrared Imaging to Identify Deciduous Tree Species in an Urban Environment

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