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Jeulin, D.[Dominique] Co Author Listing * 3-D Extraction of Fibres from Microtomographic Images of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Materials
* Estimation of the influence of second- and third-order moments on random sets reconstructions
* Extraction of Grid Patterns on Stamped Metal Sheets Using Mathematical Morphology
* Image processing for materials characterization: Issues, challenges and opportunities
* Morphological Extraction of Line Networks from Noisy Low-Contrast Images
* Probabilistic Hierarchical Morphological Segmentation of Textures
* Random Tessellations and Boolean Random Functions
* Random tessellations generated by Boolean random functions
* Random Texture Simulation By Multispecies Lattice-Gas Models
* Simulation of Rough Surfaces by Morphological Random Functions
* Special Section On Random Models In Imaging
Includes: Jeulin, D.[Dominique] Jeulin, D.
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