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Jeng, B.S.[Bor Shenn] Co Author Listing * Application of a Convolution Neural Network on Face and License Plate Detection, The
* Automated Entry System for Chinese Printed Documents
* Background subtraction based on logarithmic intensities
* Environment classification and hierarchical lane detection for structured and unstructured roads
* Intelligent Radical-Based Online Chinese Character-Recognition System
* Lane Detection With Moving Vehicles in the Traffic Scenes
* Motion detection via change-point detection for cumulative histograms of ratio images
* Online Chinese Character-Recognition with Effective Candidate Radical and Candidate Character Selections
* Real-time traffic parameter extraction using entropy
Includes: Jeng, B.S.[Bor Shenn] Jeng, B.S.[Bor-Shenn] Jeng, B.S.
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Jeng, F.C.[Fure Ching] Co Author Listing * Adaptation of the MPEG video-coding algorithm to network applications
* Hybrid extended MPEG video coding algorithm for general video applications
* On the Relationship of the Markov Mesh to the NSHP Markov Chain
* Single-Chip MPEG-2 Video Encoder/Decoder for Consumer Applications, A
* Subsampling of Markov Random Fields
Includes: Jeng, F.C.[Fure Ching] Jeng, F.C.[Fure-Ching] Jeng, F.C.

Jeng, F.G.[Fuh Gwo] Co Author Listing * Cryptanalysis and improvement of two hyper-chaos-based image encryption schemes
Includes: Jeng, F.G.[Fuh Gwo] Jeng, F.G.[Fuh-Gwo]

Jeng, G.S. Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning Image Reconstruction for Real-Time Photoacoustic System
* Learning-Based Regularization for Cardiac Strain Analysis via Domain Adaptation
Includes: Jeng, G.S. Jeng, G.S.[Geng-Shi]

Jeng, J.H. Co Author Listing * DCT based simple classification scheme for fractal image compression
* Fast Encoding Algorithm for Fractal Image Compression Using the DCT Inner Product, A
* Fast fractal image compression using the Hadamard transform
* Fractal image compression using visual-based particle swarm optimization
* Representation of WOS Filters Through Support Vector Machine, A
* Study on Huber Fractal Image Compression
Includes: Jeng, J.H. Jeng, J.H.[Jyh-Horng]

Jeng, M. Co Author Listing * Application of Two Hopfield Neural Networks for Automatic Four-Element LED Inspection

Jeng, M.D. Co Author Listing * Fast agglomerative clustering using information of k-nearest neighbors

Jeng, S. Co Author Listing * Estimating Speed Using a Side-Looking Single-Radar Vehicle Detector
* Tracking Heavy Vehicles Based on Weigh-In-Motion and Inductive Loop Signature Technologies
* Weakly-Supervised Visual Instrument-Playing Action Detection in Videos

Jeng, S.C. Co Author Listing * Fast Generalized Hough Transform
* Scale- and Orientation-Invariant Generalized Hough Transform: A New Approach
Includes: Jeng, S.C. Jeng, S.C.[Sheng-Ching]

Jeng, S.H.[Shi Hong] Co Author Listing * Efficient Approach for Facial Feature Detection Using Geometrical Face Model, An
* Facial Feature Detection Using Geometrical Face Model: An Efficient Approach
* Gesture recognition using the multi-PDM method and hidden Markov model
* model-based hand gesture recognition system, A
Includes: Jeng, S.H.[Shi Hong] Jeng, S.H.[Shi-Hong] Jeng, S.H.[Sheng-Hung]

Jeng, S.K.[Shyh Kang] Co Author Listing * Action recognition using instance-specific and class-consistent cues
* Augmented 3-D Keyframe Extraction for Surveillance Videos
* Augmented keyframe
* fingerprint matching algorithm based on alignment using LPD and GCD minutia descriptors, A
* improved occlusion handling for appearance-based tracking, An
* Modeling the Affective Content of Music with a Gaussian Mixture Model
* Recognizing offensive tactics in broadcast basketball videos via key player detection
Includes: Jeng, S.K.[Shyh Kang] Jeng, S.K.[Shyh-Kang] Jeng, S.K.
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Jeng, S.S. Co Author Listing * Fast Codeword Search Technique for the Encoding of Variable Rate Vector Quantizers
* Fast Vector Quantization Encoding Method Using Wavelet Transform, A

Jeng, S.T. Co Author Listing * Anonymous Vehicle Reidentification Using Heterogeneous Detection Systems
* Freeway Corridor Performance Measurement Based on Vehicle Reidentification
Includes: Jeng, S.T. Jeng, S.T.[Shin-Ting]

Jeng, S.W.[Sheng Wen] Co Author Listing * Analytic image unwarping by a systematic calibration method for omni-directional cameras with hyperbolic-shaped mirrors
* Improving quality of unwarped omni-images with irregularly-distributed unfilled pixels by a new edge-preserving interpolation technique
* Using pano-mapping tables for unwarping of omni-images into panoramic and perspective-view images
Includes: Jeng, S.W.[Sheng Wen] Jeng, S.W.[Sheng-Wen] Jeng, S.W.

Jeng, T.S.[Tay Sheng] Co Author Listing * Cityscape protection using VR and eye tracking technology
Includes: Jeng, T.S.[Tay Sheng] Jeng, T.S.[Tay-Sheng]

Jeng, T.Y.[Ting Yueh] Co Author Listing * Multi-target tracking using long-term stochastic associations
* Stochastic Graph Evolution Framework for Robust Multi-target Tracking, A
Includes: Jeng, T.Y.[Ting Yueh] Jeng, T.Y.[Ting-Yueh]

Jeng, Y.[Yih] Co Author Listing * Algorithm Fusion for 3D Ground-Penetrating Radar Imaging with Field Examples

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