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Je, C.S.[Chang Soo] Co Author Listing * Color-Stripe Structured Light Robust to Surface Color and Discontinuity
* Disparity-based space-variant image deblurring
* High-Contrast Color-Stripe Pattern for Rapid Structured-Light Range Imaging
* Homographic p-norms: Metrics of homographic image transformation
* Multi-projector color structured-light vision
* Optimized hierarchical block matching for fast and accurate image registration
Includes: Je, C.S.[Chang Soo] Je, C.S.[Chang-Soo]

Je, D.[Dajung] Co Author Listing * Late-resizing: A Simple but Effective Sketch Extraction Strategy for Improving Generalization of Line-art Colorization

Je, H.M.[Hong Mo] Co Author Listing * Constructing support vector machine ensemble
* Pattern classification using support vector machine ensemble
* POSTECH face database (PF07) and performance evaluation, The
Includes: Je, H.M.[Hong Mo] Je, H.M.[Hong-Mo]

Je, S.K.[Sung Kwan] Co Author Listing * analysis of the effect of different image preprocessing techniques on the performance of SURF: Speeded Up Robust Features, An
* Extensive analysis of feature selection for compact descriptor
* Intensity comparison based compact descriptor for mobile visual search
* Street searching service framework for navigation
Includes: Je, S.K.[Sung Kwan] Je, S.K.[Sung-Kwan]

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