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Jazi, M.D.[Mohammad Davarpanah] Co Author Listing * Novel Text-Independent Speaker Verification System Using Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm, A

Jazi, M.H.[Marjan Hadian] Co Author Listing * Statistical analysis of three-dimensional optical flow separability in volumetric images
* Statistical separability of local motions in volumetric images

Jazi, Z.E.[Zohreh Erfani] Co Author Listing * Inferring Mass Loss by Measuring Contemporaneous Deformation around the Helheim Glacier, Southeastern Greenland, Using Sentinel-1 InSAR

Jaziri, W.[Wassim] Co Author Listing * framework to model and manipulate constraints for over-constrained geographic applications, A
* Multi-Agent Model and Tabu Search Optimization to Manage Agricultural Territories, A

Jazizadeh, F.[Farrokh] Co Author Listing * Indoor Positioning Based on Visible Light Communication: A Performance-based Survey of Real-world Prototypes

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