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Jaoua, A. Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2013 Competition on Gender Prediction from Handwriting
* ICDAR2011 Arabic Writer Identification Contest, The
* novel approach for handedness detection from off-line handwriting using fuzzy conceptual reduction, A
Includes: Jaoua, A. Jaoua, A.[Ali]

Jaouad, B. Co Author Listing * Multi-agent system based on fuzzy control and prediction using NN for smart microgrid energy management
* Multi-agent system based on the fuzzy control and extreme learning machine for intelligent management in hybrid energy system

Jaouadi, K.[Kaouther] Co Author Listing * Automatic identification and behavioral analysis of phlebotomine sand flies using trajectory features

Jaouen, M. Co Author Listing * Study of a Wreck in Foreshore Context

Jaouen, V. Co Author Listing * 4DGVF segmentation of vector-valued images
* 4DGVF-based filtering of vector-valued images
* Image Enhancement With PDEs and Nonconservative Advection Flow Fields
* Image Filtering with Advectors
* Pure Versus Hybrid Transformers For Multi-Modal Brain Tumor Segmentation: A Comparative Study
* Variational Segmentation of Vector-Valued Images With Gradient Vector Flow

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