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Jablons, Z.M. Co Author Listing * Integral Curvature Representation and Matching Algorithms for Identification of Dolphins and Whales

Jablonski, A.[Andreas] Co Author Listing * Fast Estimation of Intrinsic Volumes in 3D Gray Value Images
* Volumetric Analysis of a Sinter Process in Time

Jablonski, B.[Bartosz] Co Author Listing * Nonlinear Multiscale Analysis of Motion Trajectories

Jablonski, G.[Grzegorz] Co Author Listing * Comparing shapes through multi-scale approximations of the matching distance
* Multi-scale Approximation of the Matching Distance for Shape Retrieval

Jablonski, K. Co Author Listing * Total Column Methane Retrievals Using The Tropospheric Infrared Mapping Spectrometer Over Sunglint

Jablonski, R.[Ryszard] Co Author Listing * Development of an XYZ Digital Camera with Embedded Color Calibration System for Accurate Color Acquisition

Jabloun, M. Co Author Listing * joint snake and atlas-based segmentation of plantar foot thermal images, A

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