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Inagaki, A. Co Author Listing * Computation of Shape and Reflectance of 3-d Object Using Moire Phase and Reflection Model

Inagaki, K.[Kosaku] Co Author Listing * MACSYM: A Hierarchical Parallel Image Processing System for Event Driven Pattern Understanding of Documents

Inagaki, M.[Masaharu] Co Author Listing * Design and Applications of Multi-Frequency Holographic Subsurface Radar: Review and Case Histories

Inagaki, S.[Shun] Co Author Listing * Local Affine Optical Flow Computation
* Modeling and Recognition of Driving Behavior Based on Stochastic Switched ARX Model
* Multiple Alignment of Spatiotemporal Deformable Objects for the Average-Organ Computation
* Semantic Segmentation of Low Frame-Rate Image Sequence Using Statistical Properties of Optical Flow for Remote Exploration
* Statistical Method for Semantic Segmentation of Dominant Plane from Remote Exploration Image Sequence
* Variational Deformation Method for the Computation of the Average Shape of Organs
* Variational Method for Computing Average Images of Biological Organs
* Variational Multiple Warping for Cardiac Image Analysis
Includes: Inagaki, S.[Shun] Inagaki, S.
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Inagaki, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Optical Inspection of Plated Through-Holes for Ultrahigh Density Printed Wiring Boards
* Bringing a Vehicle to a Controlled Stop: Effectiveness of a Dual-Control Scheme for Identifying Driver Drowsiness and Preventing Lane Departures Under Partial Driving Automation Requiring Hands-on-Wheel
* Driver Assistance System With a Dual Control Scheme: Effectiveness of Identifying Driver Drowsiness and Preventing Lane Departure Accidents
* Real-Time Fingerprint Sensor Using a Hologram
* Recognition method and apparatus
Includes: Inagaki, T. Inagaki, T.[Toshiyuki] Inagaki, T.[Takefumi]

Inagaki, Y. Co Author Listing * 3-D Display Pipeline from Coded-Aperture Camera to Tensor Light-Field Display Through CNN, A
* Learning to Capture Light Fields Through a Coded Aperture Camera
Includes: Inagaki, Y. Inagaki, Y.[Yasutaka]

Inagami, M.[Makoto] Co Author Listing * Study on Driver Agent Based on Analysis of Driving Instruction Data: Driver Agent for Encouraging Safe Driving Behavior (1)

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