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Ida, S. Co Author Listing * High-speed recognition of tabulated data

Ida, T. Co Author Listing * Binary Shape Coding Method Using Modified MMR, A
* Deep Shrinkage Convolutional Neural Network for Adaptive Noise Reduction
* Image Segmentation and Contour Detection Using Fractal Coding
* Image Segmentation Using Fractal Coding
* Object Contour Detection Using Spatio-temporal Self-similarity
* Self-Affine Mapping System and Its Application to Object Contour Extraction
* Self-affine Mapping System for Object Contour Extraction
Includes: Ida, T. Ida, T.[Takashi]
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Ida, Y. Co Author Listing * Label-Related/Unrelated Topic Switching Model: A Partially Labeled Topic Model Handling Infinite Label-Unrelated Topics

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