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Huc, M.[Mireille] Co Author Listing * Desert Roughness Retrieval Using CYGNSS GNSS-R Data
* Early Detection of Summer Crops Using High Spatial Resolution Optical Image Time Series
* Geolocation Assessment of MERIS GlobCover Orthorectified Products
* Life-Size and Near Real-Time Test of Irrigation Scheduling with a Sentinel-2 Like Time Series (SPOT4-Take5) in Morocco, A
* Multi-Temporal and Multi-Spectral Method to Estimate Aerosol Optical Thickness over Land, for the Atmospheric Correction of FormoSat-2, LandSat, VENÁS and Sentinel-2 Images, A
* Potential Applications of GNSS-R Observations over Agricultural Areas: Results from the GLORI Airborne Campaign
* Quality Control of CyGNSS Reflectivity for Robust Spatiotemporal Detection of Tropical Wetlands
* Software Tool for Atmospheric Correction and Surface Temperature Estimation of Landsat Infrared Thermal Data, A
* SPOT-4 (Take 5): Simulation of Sentinel-2 Time Series on 45 Large Sites
Includes: Huc, M.[Mireille] Huc, M.
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