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Hiyadi, H. Co Author Listing * Adaptive dynamic time warping for recognition of natural gestures

Hiyama, T.[Tetsuya] Co Author Listing * Climate-Induced Extreme Hydrologic Events in the Arctic
* Dynamic Mapping of Subarctic Surface Water by Fusion of Microwave and Optical Satellite Data Using Conditional Adversarial Networks
* Effect of Permafrost Thawing on Discharge of the Kolyma River, Northeastern Siberia
* Evaluation of the Surface Water Distribution in North-Central Namibia Based on MODIS and AMSR Series
* Hydrological Variability and Changes in the Arctic Circumpolar Tundra and the Three Largest Pan-Arctic River Basins from 2002 to 2016

Hiyane, M. Co Author Listing * Circle-Detection Algorithm Simulating Wave Propagation, A

Hiyane, T. Co Author Listing * Fractal image compression by the classification in the wavelet transform domain

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