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Hisham, A. Co Author Listing * Adjacent Channel Interference Aware Joint Scheduling and Power Control for V2V Broadcast Communication
* Radio Resource Management for V2V Multihop Communication Considering Adjacent Channel Interference
Includes: Hisham, A. Hisham, A.[Anver]

Hishida, H.[Hiroyuki] Co Author Listing * CT Image Segmentation Using Structural Analysis

Hishiki, R.[Ryuhei] Co Author Listing * Proposal of Objective Evaluation Measures Based on Eye-Contact and Face to Face Conversation for Videophone, A

Hishinuma, K.[Kazuhiro] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for displaying radiation image, and method and apparatus for calculating unsharp mask signal used for the same

Hishinuma, Y.[Yuki] Co Author Listing * Transformed domain GMM foreground segmentation for mobile video camera

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