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Heynderickx, I. Co Author Listing * Color Distribution Information for the Reduced-Reference Assessment of Perceived Image Quality
* Comparative Study of Fixation Density Maps
* Effect of Display Technology on the Crosstalk Perception in Stereoscopic Video Content
* efficient no-reference metric for perceived blur, An
* Evaluation of objective quality measures for noise reduction in TV-systems
* How Does Image Content Affect the Added Value of Visual Attention in Objective Image Quality Assessment?
* How to apply spatial saliency into objective metrics for JPEG compressed images?
* No-Reference Metric for Perceived Ringing Artifacts in Images, A
* Objective evaluation of noise reduction performance in TV-systems
* Objective quality assessment of displayed images by using neural networks
* Perceivable artifacts in compressed video and their relation to video quality
* Perceived speed of changing color in chroma and hue directions in CIELAB
* Perceptually Relevant Approach to Ringing Region Detection, A
* Predicting Mood from Punctual Emotion Annotations on Videos
* Quantifying the importance of preserving video quality in visually important regions at the expense of background content
* Relative Impact of Ghosting and Noise on the Perceived Quality of MR Images, The
* Simplified Human Vision Model Applied to a Blocking Artifact Metric, A
* Studying the added value of visual attention in objective image quality metrics based on eye movement data
* Susceptibility to Visual Discomfort of 3-D Displays by Visual Performance Measures
* Visual Attention in Objective Image Quality Assessment: Based on Eye-Tracking Data
Includes: Heynderickx, I. Heynderickx, I.[Ingrid]
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Heynen, M.[Markus] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution, object-oriented fuzzy analysis of remote sensing data for GIS-ready information

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