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Hedjam, R.[Rachid] Co Author Listing * Constrained Energy Maximization and Self-Referencing Method for Invisible Ink Detection from Multispectral Historical Document Images
* CorrC2G: Color to Gray Conversion by Correlation
* Feature Learning for Footnote-Based Document Image Classification
* Ground-Truth Estimation in Multispectral Representation Space: Application to Degraded Document Image Binarization
* hierarchical graph-based markovian clustering approach for the unsupervised segmentation of textured color images, A
* Historical document image restoration using multispectral imaging system
* ICDAR 2015 contest on MultiSpectral Text Extraction (MS-TEx 2015)
* Influence of Color-to-Gray Conversion on the Performance of Document Image Binarization: Toward a Novel Optimization Problem
* Iterative Classifiers Combination Model for Change Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* learning framework for the optimization and automation of document binarization methods, A
* Markovian clustering for the non-local means image denoising
* MUG: A Parameterless No-Reference JPEG Quality Evaluator Robust to Block Size and Misalignment
* NMF with feature relationship preservation penalty term for clustering problems
* Novel Data Representation for Text Extraction from Multispectral Historical Document Images
* Segmentation-based document image denoising
* spatially adaptive statistical method for the binarization of historical manuscripts and degraded document images, A
* Text extraction from degraded document images
Includes: Hedjam, R.[Rachid] Hedjam, R.
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Hedjazi, L.[Lyamine] Co Author Listing * Similarity-margin based feature selection for symbolic interval data

Hedjazi, M.A.[Mohamed Abbas] Co Author Listing * Image inpainting using scene constraints
* Learning to Inpaint by Progressively Growing the Mask Regions
Includes: Hedjazi, M.A.[Mohamed Abbas] Hedjazi, M.A.

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