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Hawai, Y.[Yoshinori] Co Author Listing * Investigating Factors Related to Criminal Trips of Residential Burglars Using Spatial Interaction Modeling

Hawary, F.[Fatma] Co Author Listing * Compressive 4D Light Field Reconstruction Using Orthogonal Frequency Selection
* Compressively sampled light field reconstruction using orthogonal frequency selection and refinement
* Scalable light field compression scheme using sparse reconstruction and restoration
Includes: Hawary, F.[Fatma] Hawary, F.

Hawas, A.R.[Ahmed Refaat] Co Author Listing * novel diagnostic map for computer-aided diagnosis of skin cancer, A
* novel optimized neutrosophic k-means using genetic algorithm for skin lesion detection in dermoscopy images, A
* Optimised halftoning and inverse halftoning of dermoscopic images for supporting teledermoscopy system

Hawash, H.[Hossam] Co Author Listing * Federated Intrusion Detection in Blockchain-Based Smart Transportation Systems
* Two-Stage Deep Learning Framework for Discrimination between COVID-19 and Community-Acquired Pneumonia from Chest CT scans

Hawasly, M.[Majd] Co Author Listing * Beyond RMSE: Do Machine-Learned Models of Road User Interaction Produce Human-Like Behavior?
* Learning Hierarchical Models of Complex Daily Activities from Annotated Videos
Includes: Hawasly, M.[Majd] Hawasly, M.

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