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Hacar, M.[Muslum] Co Author Listing * Analyzing OpenStreetMap Road Data and Characterizing the Behavior of Contributors in Ankara, Turkey
* Analyzing the Behaviors of OpenStreetMap Volunteers in Mapping Building Polygons Using a Machine Learning Approach
* New Algorithm for Cartographic Simplification of Streams and Lakes Using Deviation Angles and Error Bands, A
* New, Score-Based Multi-Stage Matching Approach for Road Network Conflation in Different Road Patterns, A
Includes: Hacar, M.[Muslum] Hacar, M.[Müslüm]

Hacar, O.O.[Ozge Ozturk] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Space Syntax Measures Affecting Pedestrian Density through Ordinal Logistic Regression Analysis
Includes: Hacar, O.O.[Ozge Ozturk] Hacar, Ö.Ö.[Özge Öztürk]

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