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Gwon, D.[Daehyeok] Co Author Listing * Novel video coding methods for versatile video coding

Gwon, G.P. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Campus Mobility Services Using Driverless Taxi

Gwon, Y.[Youngjune] Co Author Listing * Deep Sparse-coded Network (DSN)
* Dofnet: Depth of Field Difference Learning for Detecting Image Forgery
* KoreALBERT: Pretraining a Lite BERT Model for Korean Language Understanding

Gwon, Y.J.[Young June] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Zero-shot Cross-lingual Transfer in Supervised NLP Tasks
* Evaluation of BERT and ALBERT Sentence Embedding Performance on Downstream NLP Tasks
Includes: Gwon, Y.J.[Young June] Gwon, Y.J.[Young-June]

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