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Goffart, D. Co Author Listing * Assessment of AquaCrop for winter wheat using satellite derived fCover data

Goffart, J.P. Co Author Listing * Assessment of AquaCrop for winter wheat using satellite derived fCover data
* Potato monitoring in Belgium with WatchITGrow

Goffaux, V.[Valerie] Co Author Listing * More Real Than Real: A Study on Human Visual Perception of Synthetic Faces
Includes: Goffaux, V.[Valerie] Goffaux, V.[Valérie]

Goffe, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * Tiled Top-Down Combinatorial Pyramids For Large Images Representation
* Tiled Top-Down Pyramids and Segmentation of Large Histological Images

Goffi, A.[Alessia] Co Author Listing * Knowledge and Data-Driven Mapping of Environmental Status Indicators from Remote Sensing and VGI

Goffin, K. Co Author Listing * Performance of MAP Reconstruction for Hot Lesion Detection in Whole-Body PET/CT: An Evaluation With Human and Numerical Observers

Goffman Vinopal, L. Co Author Listing * Color image compression using inter-color correlation
Includes: Goffman Vinopal, L. Goffman-Vinopal, L.

Goffner, D. Co Author Listing * Remote sensing monitoring of land restoration interventions in semi-arid environments using a before-after control-impact statistical design

Goffo, F.[Floriano] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Pixel- and Object-Based Classification Methods of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data Applied to Coastal Dune Vegetation Communities: Casal Borsetti Case Study

Goffredo, M.[Michela] Co Author Listing * adaptive blink detector to initialize and update a view-basedremote eye gaze tracking system in a natural scenario, An
* Covariate Analysis for View-Point Independent Gait Recognition
* Front-view Gait Recognition
* Human Perambulation as a Self Calibrating Biometric
* Markerless view independent gait analysis with self-camera calibration
* Object-Based Classification of Spot and Aster Data Complemented with Data Derived from Modis Vegetation Indices Time Series in a Mediterranean Test-Site
* Self-Calibrating View-Invariant Gait Biometrics
Includes: Goffredo, M.[Michela] Goffredo, M.[Maria]
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