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Gioia, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Complex modulation computer-generated hologram by a fast hybrid point-source/wave-field approach
* Efficient compression method for integral images using multi-view video coding
* framework for view-dependent hologram representation and adaptive reconstruction, A
* MPEG-4 AFX compliant platform for 3D contents distribution in peer-to-peer, A
* new video coder based on second generation wavelets, A
* Peer-to-Peer Visualization of Very Large 3D Landscape and City Models Using MPEG-4
* Real-Time Reconstruction of Wavelet-Encoded Meshes for View-Dependent Transmission and Visualization
* Scalable and efficient coding of 3d model extracted from a video
* Scalable Coding Framework for a View-Dependent Streaming of Digital Holograms
* Subdivision surfaces in MPEG-4
* Time-Evolving 3D Model Representation for Scalable Video Coding
Includes: Gioia, P.[Patrick] Gioia, P.
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