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Gege, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Calibration facility for airborne imaging spectrometers
* Impact of Improved Calibration of a NEO HySpex VNIR-1600 Sensor on Remote Sensing of Water Depth
* Inter-Comparison of Methods for Chlorophyll-a Retrieval: Sentinel-2 Time-Series Analysis in Italian Lakes
* Monitoring Marine Areas from the International Space Station: The Case of the Submerged Harbor of Amathus
* Physics-based Bathymetry and Water Quality Retrieval Using PlanetScope Imagery: Impacts of 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown and 2019 Extreme Flood in the Venice Lagoon
* Retrieval of Water Constituents from Hyperspectral In-Situ Measurements under Variable Cloud Cover: A Case Study at Lake Stechlin (Germany)
* Spectral and Radiometric Measurement Requirements for Inland, Coastal and Reef Waters
* Unmixing-based Denoising As A Pre-processing Step for Coral Reef Analysis
* Water Constituents and Water Depth Retrieval from Sentinel-2A: A First Evaluation in an Oligotrophic Lake
* Water Quality Retrieval from Landsat-9 (OLI-2) Imagery and Comparison to Sentinel-2
Includes: Gege, P.[Peter] Gege, P.
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Gegenfurtner, K.R.[Karl R.] Co Author Listing * Color metamerism and the structure of illuminant space
* Higher Order Color Mechanisms for Image Segmentation
* Perception of saturation in natural scenes
* Role of eye movements in chromatic induction

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