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Gazor, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive filtering with decorrelation for coloured AR environments
* Collaborative Unmixing Hyperspectral Imagery via Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Computationally Efficient Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation and Activity Detection for M-PSK Signals in Unknown Flat Fading Channels
* Feedback Acquisition and Reconstruction of Spectrum-Sparse Signals by Predictive Level Comparisons
* Generalized Wald Test for Binary Composite Hypothesis Test
* Image Denoising Based on a Mixture of Laplace Distributions with Local Parameters in Complex Wavelet Domain
* Image denoising employing local mixture models in sparse domains
* L_0-Norm Sparse Hyperspectral Unmixing Using Arctan Smoothing
* Multiple statistical models for soft decision in noisy speech enhancement
* Off-Grid Localization in MIMO Radars Using Sparsity
* Optimal Non-regenerative Linear MIMO Relay for Orthogonal Space Time Codes
* Second order H-infinity optimal LMS and NLMS algorithms based on a second-order Markov model
* Sparsely Localized Time-Frequency Energy Distributions for Multi-Component LFM Signals
* Video denoising in three-dimensional complex wavelet domain using a doubly stochastic modelling
Includes: Gazor, S. Gazor, S.[Saeed]
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