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Gabel, M. Co Author Listing * On the Equivalence of the LC-KSVD and the D-KSVD Algorithms

Gabela, J. Co Author Listing * Indoor Navigation and Mapping: Performance Analysis of Uwb-based Platform Positioning

Gabele, M. Co Author Listing * Air- and spaceborne monitoring of road traffic using SAR moving target indication: Project TRAMRAD
* First Spaceborne Demonstration of Digital Beamforming for Azimuth Ambiguity Suppression

Gabella, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Measurement of Precipitation in the Alps Using Dual-Polarization C-Band Ground-Based Radars, the GPM Spaceborne Ku-Band Radar, and Rain Gauges
* On the Spectral and Polarimetric Signatures of a Bright Scatterer before and after Hardware Replacement
* On the Use of Bright Scatterers for Monitoring Doppler, Dual-Polarization Weather Radars
* Range Adjustment for Ground-Based Radar, Derived With the Spaceborne TRMM Precipitation Radar
* Satellite-Based Rainfall Retrieval: From Generalized Linear Models to Artificial Neural Networks
Includes: Gabella, M.[Marco] Gabella, M.

Gabellani, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Climatic Drivers of Greening Trends in the Alps

Gabellini, P.[Patrizia] Co Author Listing * Data-driven Knowledge Discovery in Retail: Evidences from the Vending Machine's Industry
* Large Scale Trajectory Dataset for Shopper Behaviour Understanding, A
* Vending Shopper Science Lab: Deep Learning for Consumer Research, The

Gabello, L. Co Author Listing * Approaches to a color scannerless range imaging system

Gabellone, F. Co Author Listing * virtual musealization of archaeological sites: between documentation and communication, The

Gaber, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Examining the Impact of Different DEM Sources and Geomorphology on Flash Flood Analysis in Hyper-Arid Deserts
* Mapping the Groundwater Potentiality of West Qena Area, Egypt, Using Integrated Remote Sensing and Hydro-Geophysical Techniques
* Minimizing the Residual Topography Effect on Interferograms to Improve DInSAR Results: Estimating Land Subsidence in Port-Said City, Egypt
* Using InSAR Coherence for Investigating the Interplay of Fluvial and Aeolian Features in Arid Lands: Implications for Groundwater Potential in Egypt

Gaber, I.M.[Islam M.] Co Author Listing * Nocturnal Surface Urban Heat Island over Greater Cairo: Spatial Morphology, Temporal Trends and Links to Land-Atmosphere Influences

Gaber, M.M.[Mohamed Medhat] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition with Evolving Data Streams: A Review
* Reasoning about Context in Uncertain Pervasive Computing Environments

Gaber, N.[Noha] Co Author Listing * Morphological Analysis of Brownian Motion for Physical Measurements

Gaber, T.[Tarek] Co Author Listing * Optimized superpixel and AdaBoost classifier for human thermal face recognition

Gabet, L. Co Author Listing * 3d Capabilities of Pleiades Satellite
* Automatic-Generation of High-Resolution Urban Zone Digital Elevation Models
* High-Resolution Stereo for the Detection of Buildings

Gabeur, V. Co Author Listing * Moulding Humans: Non-Parametric 3D Human Shape Estimation From Single Images
* Multi-modal Transformer for Video Retrieval
Includes: Gabeur, V. Gabeur, V.[Valentin]

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