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Filo, O. Co Author Listing * Novel EIS postprocessing algorithm for breast cancer diagnosis

Filoche, A.[Arthur] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Rain Radar Images and Wind Forecasts in a Deep Learning Model Applied to Rain Nowcasting

Filonenko, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Path Planning for Unmanned Vehicle Motion Based on Road Detection Using Online Road Map and Satellite Image
* Smoke detection for static cameras
Includes: Filonenko, A.[Alexander] Filonenko, A.

Filonenko, V.[Viacheslav] Co Author Listing * Indoor Positioning for Smartphones Using Asynchronous Ultrasound Trilateration

Filosof, S.[Shay] Co Author Listing * On SIFTs and their scales
* SIFTing Through Scales

Filova, V. Co Author Listing * Automatic Reconstruction of 3D Human Arm Motion from a Monocular Image Sequence

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