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Fagel, N.[Nathalie] Co Author Listing * Chlorophyll-a Detection Algorithms at Different Depths Using In Situ, Meteorological, and Remote Sensing Data in a Chilean Lake

Fageot, J. Co Author Listing * Angular Accuracy of Steerable Feature Detectors
* Dictionary Learning for Two-Dimensional Kendall Shapes
* Fast and Scalable Polyatomic Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for the LASSO, A
* Hermite Snakes With Control of Tangents
* Principled Design and Implementation of Steerable Detectors
* Statistics of Wavelet Coefficients for Sparse Self-Similar Images
* Wavelet Statistics of Sparse and Self-Similar Images
Includes: Fageot, J. Fageot, J.[Julien]
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Fagerstrom, D. Co Author Listing * Scale-Space with Causal Time Direction
* Spatio-temporal Scale-Spaces
* Temporal Scale Spaces
Includes: Fagerstrom, D. Fagerström, D.[Daniel] (Maybe also Fagerstroem, D.)

Fagertun, J.[Jens] Co Author Listing * Classify Broiler Viscera Using an Iterative Approach on Noisy Labeled Training Data
* Diagnosis of Broiler Livers by Classifying Image Patches
* Elastic appearance models
* Free-form image registration of human cochlear µCT data using skeleton similarity as anatomical prior
* Gender Recognition Using Cognitive Modeling
* Image Registration of Cochlear micro-CT Data Using Heat Distribution Similarity
* Similarity-based Fisherfaces
* Sparse Similarity-Based Fisherfaces
* Weight Estimation of Broilers in Images Using 3D Prior Knowledge
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Fageth, R.[Reiner] Co Author Listing * Ultra fast pattern classification by fuzzy logic

Fagette, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised dense crowd detection by multiscale texture analysis

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