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Ennis, C.M.[Chad M.] Co Author Listing * Max margin general linear modeling for neuroimage analyses

Ennis, D.B.[Daniel B.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Location-Dependent Cardiomyocyte Branching
* Arbitrary Point Tracking with Machine Learning to Measure Cardiac Strains in Tagged MRI
* Diffusion Biomarkers in Chronic Myocardial Infarction
* Diffusion Tensor Analysis With Invariant Gradients and Rotation Tangents
* Estimating Aggregate Cardiomyocyte Strain Using In~Vivo Diffusion and Displacement Encoded MRI
* Framework for Evaluating Myocardial Stiffness Using 3D-Printed Heart Phantoms, A
* High-Resolution Ex Vivo Microstructural MRI After Restoring Ventricular Geometry via 3D Printing
* Impact of Image Resolution and Resampling on Motion Tracking of the Left Chambers from Cardiac Scans
* Microstructurally Anchored Cardiac Kinematics by Combining In Vivo DENSE MRI and cDTI
* Model of Left Ventricular Contraction: Validation Criteria and Boundary Conditions
* Optimisation of Left Atrial Feature Tracking Using Retrospective Gated Computed Tomography Images
* Quantitative Hemodynamics in Aortic Dissection: Comparing in Vitro MRI with FSI Simulation in a Compliant Model
* Reproducibility of Left Ventricular CINE DENSE Strain in Pediatric Subjects with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Includes: Ennis, D.B.[Daniel B.] Ennis, D.B.
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