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Ekbal, A.[Asif] Co Author Listing * All-in-One: Emotion, Sentiment and Intensity Prediction Using a Multi-Task Ensemble Framework
* Assessing the Severity of Health States based on Social Media Posts
* deep learning architecture for protein-protein Interaction Article identification, A
* EmoSen: Generating Sentiment and Emotion Controlled Responses in a Multimodal Dialogue System
* Feature selection for event extraction in biomedical text
* Feature Selection Using Multiobjective Optimization for Named Entity Recognition
* Hidden Markov Model Based Named Entity Recognition System: Bengali and Hindi as Case Studies, A
* Improvement of Prediction Accuracy Using Discretization and Voting Classifier
* Improving the Performance of a NER System by Post-processing and Voting
* Measuring Temporal Distance Focus From Tweets and Investigating its Association With Psycho-Demographic Attributes
* Multiobjective optimization for classifier ensemble and feature selection: an application to named entity recognition
* No, That Never Happened!! Investigating Rumors on Twitter
Includes: Ekbal, A.[Asif] Ekbal, A.
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Ekbatanifard, G.[Gholamhossein] Co Author Listing * Using a Flexible Model to Compare the Efficacy of Geographical and Temporal Contextual Information of Location-Based Social Network Data for Location Prediction

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