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Ejiri, K.[Koichi] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of text, picture and lines of a document image
* Skew detection and correction of a document image representation

Ejiri, M.[Masakazu] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for representing continuous tone and high contrast images on a bilevel display
* Automatic Recognition of Design Drawings and Maps
* Automatic Wafer Inspection System Using Pipelined Image Processing Techniques, An
* Contour Representation of Binary Images Using Run-type Direction Codes
* Intelligent Robot with Cognition and Decision-Making Ability, An
* Knowledge-Based Segmentation Method for Document Understanding, A
* Knowledge-directed inspection for complex multilayered patterns
* Machine Vision in Early Days: Japan's Pioneering Contributions
* method of real-time recognition of moving objects and its application, A
* Process for Detecting Defects in Complicated Patterns, A
* Transistor Wire Bonding System Utilizing Multiple Local Pattern Matching Techniques, A
Includes: Ejiri, M.[Masakazu] Ejiri, M.
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