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Eftekhar, A.[Ainaz] Co Author Listing * Omnidata: A Scalable Pipeline for Making Multi-Task Mid-Level Vision Datasets from 3D Scans

Eftekhar, F.[Fariba] Co Author Listing * hybrid feature extraction method for SAR image registration, A

Eftekhari Moghadam, A.M.[Amir Masud] Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval Based on Index Compressed Vector Quantization
* Image retrieval based on shape similarity by edge orientation autocorrelogram
* Supervised hierarchical neighborhood graph construction for manifold learning
Includes: Eftekhari Moghadam, A.M.[Amir Masud] Eftekhari-Moghadam, A.M.[Amir Masud] Eftekhari-Moghadam, A.M.[Amir-Masoud] Eftekhari Moghadam, A.M.[Amir Masoud]

Eftekhari Yazdi, P.[Poopak] Co Author Listing * Multiple sperm tracking in microscopic videos using modified GM-PHD filter
Includes: Eftekhari Yazdi, P.[Poopak] Eftekhari-Yazdi, P.[Poopak]

Eftekhari, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Coordinates Extraction by Radargrammetry and Multi Step Image Matching
* k/K-Nearest Neighborhood Criterion for Improvement of Locally Linear Embedding
* MOSES: A Streaming Algorithm for Linear Dimensionality Reduction
* Two dimensional compressive classifier for sparse images
* Using Multi Resolution Census and Ranklet Transformation in Long Base Line SAR Image Matching
* What to Expect When You Are Expecting on the Grassmannian
Includes: Eftekhari, A. Eftekhari, A.[Armin]

Eftekhari, H.R. Co Author Listing * Three-Phases Smartphone-Based Warning System to Protect Vulnerable Road Users Under Fuzzy Conditions

Eftelioglu, E.[Emre] Co Author Listing * Discovering non-compliant window co-occurrence patterns
* Spatiotemporal Data Mining: A Computational Perspective
* Transdisciplinary Foundations of Geospatial Data Science

Eftestol, T.[Trygve] Co Author Listing * Detecting Chest Compression Depth Using a Smartphone Camera and Motion Segmentation
* Detection of Activities During Newborn Resuscitation Based on Short-Time Energy of Acceleration Signal
* Kinect Modelling of Chest Compressions: A Feasibility Study for Chest Compression Depth Measurement Using Digital Strategies
* Texture classification of scarred and non-scarred myocardium in cardiac MRI using learned dictionaries
* texture-based probability mapping for localisation of clinically important cardiac segments in the myocardium in cardiac magnetic resonance images from myocardial infarction patients, A
Includes: Eftestol, T.[Trygve] Eftestøl, T.[Trygve] Eftestol, T.

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