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Duss, S.[Sandra] Co Author Listing * Body temperature measurement of an animal by tracking in biomedical experiments
* Where is the rat? Tracking in low contrast thermographic images

Dussarrat, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Mitigation of Calibration Ringing in the Context of the MTG-S IRS Instrument

Dussauchoy, A.[Alain] Co Author Listing * New Greedy Algorithm for Improving b-Coloring Clustering, A

Dussault, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Co Author Listing * Comparison of optimization techniques for regularized statistical reconstruction in X-ray tomography
Includes: Dussault, J.P.[Jean Pierre] Dussault, J.P.[Jean-Pierre]

Dussel, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Learning Intrusion Detection: Supervised or Unsupervised?
Includes: Dussel, P.[Patrick] Düssel, P.[Patrick] (Maybe also Duessel, P.)

Dusselaar, R. Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral image coding using Spectral Prediction Modelling in HEVC coding framework
* Hyperspectral image compression approaches: opportunities, challenges, and future directions: discussion
Includes: Dusselaar, R. Dusselaar, R.[Rui]

Dusserre, A. Co Author Listing * Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Medical Interventions Applied to Soft Tissues: Work in Progress in Urology

Dusserre, L. Co Author Listing * Segmentation of echocardiographic images

Dusseux, P.[Pauline] Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Multi-Temporal Optical and Radar Satellite Images for Grassland Monitoring
* Identification of grazed and mown grasslands using a time series of high-spatial-resolution remote sensing images

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