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Drira, A.[Anis] Co Author Listing * Cooperative mapping of multiple PTZ cameras in automated surveillance systems

Drira, F. Co Author Listing * Computer assistance for Digital Libraries: Contributions to Middle-ages and Authors' Manuscripts exploitation and enrichment
* Coupled Mean Shift-Anisotropic Diffusion Approach for Document Image Segmentation and Restoration, A
* Denoising Textual Images Using Local/Non-local Smoothing Filters: A Comparative Study
* Fast Integral MeanShift: Application to Color Segmentation of Document Images
* Handling noise in textual image resolution enhancement using online and offline learned dictionaries
* Joint denoising and magnification of noisy Low-Resolution textual images
* Mean-Shift segmentation and PDE-based nonlinear diffusion: Toward a common variational framework for foreground/background document image segmentation
* Multiple Learned Dictionaries Based Clustered Sparse Coding for the Super-Resolution of Single Text Image
* new PDE-based approach for singularity-preserving regularization: application to degraded characters restoration, A
* New Protocol Design for Wordspotting Assistance System: Case Study of the Collaborative Library Model - ARMARIUS
* OCR Accuracy Improvement through a PDE-Based Approach
* Resolution enhancement of textual images via multiple coupled dictionaries and adaptive sparse representation selection
* Resolution enhancement of textual images: a survey of single image-based methods
* Single Textual Image Super-Resolution Using Multiple Learned Dictionaries Based Sparse Coding
* Sparse Coding with a Coupled Dictionary Learning Approach for Textual Image Super-resolution
* Towards Restoring Historic Documents Degraded Over Time
Includes: Drira, F. Drira, F.[Fadoua]
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Drira, H.[Hassen] Co Author Listing * 3D dynamic expression recognition based on a novel Deformation Vector Field and Random Forest
* 3D Face Recognition under Expressions, Occlusions, and Pose Variations
* 3D Gait Recognition based on Functional PCA on Kendall's Shape Space
* 4-D Facial Expression Recognition by Learning Geometric Deformations
* Analysis of Skeletal Shape Trajectories for Person Re-Identification
* Coding Kendall's Shape Trajectories for 3D Action Recognition
* Combining face averageness and symmetry for 3D-based gender classification
* Distances evolution analysis for online and off-line human object interaction recognition
* Dual Perspective of Human Motion Analysis: 3D Pose Estimation and 2D Trajectory Prediction, A
* Elastic radial curves to model 3D facial deformations
* Gauge Invariant Framework for Shape Analysis of Surfaces
* Gauge invariant framework for trajectories analysis
* Gender and 3D facial symmetry: What's the relationship?
* Geometric Deep Neural Network using Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations for Human Action Recognition
* Geometric Deep Neural Network Using Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations for Landmark-Based Human Behavior Analysis
* Human Object Interaction Recognition Using Rate-Invariant Shape Analysis of Inter Joint Distances Trajectories
* Magnifying subtle facial motions for 4D Expression Recognition
* Magnifying Subtle Facial Motions for Effective 4D Expression Recognition
* Multiset Canonical Correlation Analysis: Texture Feature Level Fusion of Multiple Descriptors for Intra-modal Palmprint Biometric Recognition
* Nasal Region Contribution in 3D Face Biometrics Using Shape Analysis Framework
* Pose and Expression-invariant 3d Face Recognition using Elastic Radial Curves
* Riemannian analysis of 3D nose shapes for partial human biometrics, A
* SHREC '11 Track: 3d Face Models Retrieval
* Sparse Coding of Shape Trajectories for Facial Expression and Action Recognition
Includes: Drira, H.[Hassen] Drira, H.
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Drira, W. Co Author Listing * Development and Testing of a 3G/LTE Adaptive Data Collection System in Vehicular Networks

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