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Dreuw, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Confidence- and margin-based MMI/MPE discriminative training for off-line handwriting recognition
* Confidence-Based Discriminative Training for Model Adaptation in Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
* Constrained Energy Minimization for Matching-Based Image Recognition
* Efficient approximations to model-based joint tracking and recognition of continuous sign language
* Enhancing a Sign Language Translation System with Vision-Based Features
* Fast and the Flexible: Extended Pseudo Two-Dimensional Warping for Face Recognition, The
* Geometric Features for Improving Continuous Appearance-based Sign Language Recognition
* Gesture Recognition Using Image Comparison Methods
* Hierarchical hybrid MLP/HMM or rather MLP features for a discriminatively trained Gaussian HMM: A comparison for offline handwriting recognition
* Image warping for face recognition: From local optimality towards global optimization
* Jointly optimising relevance and diversity in image retrieval
* Pan, zoom, scan: Time-coherent, trained automatic video cropping
* Pose-Invariant Face Recognition with a Two-Level Dynamic Programming Algorithm
* Smoothed Disparity Maps for Continuous American Sign Language Recognition
* Surf-face: Face Recognition Under Viewpoint Consistency Constraints
* Tracking Using Dynamic Programming for Appearance-Based Sign Language Recognition
* Warp that smile on your face: Optimal and smooth deformations for face recognition
* White-space models for offline Arabic handwriting recognition
* Writer Adaptive Training and Writing Variant Model Refinement for Offline Arabic Handwriting Recognition
Includes: Dreuw, P.[Philippe] Dreuw, P.[Phillippe] Dreuw, P.
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