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Doppa, J.R.[Janardhan Rao] Co Author Listing * HC-search for structured prediction in computer vision
* Learning to Detect Basal Tubules of Nematocysts in SEM Images
Includes: Doppa, J.R.[Janardhan Rao] Doppa, J.R.

Doppalapudi, K.S.[Krishna Sai] Co Author Listing * Three-class classification of brain magnetic resonance images using average-pooling convolutional neural network

Dopper, V.[Veronika] Co Author Listing * Challenges in UAS-Based TIR Imagery Processing: Image Alignment and Uncertainty Quantification
Includes: Dopper, V.[Veronika] Döpper, V.[Veronika] (Maybe also Doepper, V.)

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